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Things to share. Disclaimer

Postby wetnet on Fri Dec 12, 2008 8:13 pm

You have all heard me comment about my son. Just a clarifier to state that the only reason I fly fish is that he taught me. What I share is my point of view but allot of what I post is what I see through him. It is no way his opinion or the opinion of the people he is associated with. He has had some awesome experiences fishing as part of the USA Youth Fly Fishing program. He has had the opportunity to fish with multiple Adult Team USA members, with men of the stream and some from the heart. I share what I share because it's sharing that gave both him and me the opportunities we've experienced. There is truly no right way or wrong way. No right item to buy or not to buy. It is finding your place which I hope is discomfort. Yes discomfort. And I'm not talking about tools of the trade, I'm talking about waking up way too early, the weather way too cold and wondering how in the world did I lose that fish? It's about being happy enough to do it in the first place and just enough uncomfortable with what you've done to learn just a liitle more and then do it again. As far as shopping, the old rod that was your Grandpa's, that you think you have to fish with, it can be set aside to buy something new. There are reasons for improvements if your not a purist of Bamboo. It shouldn't have to be a financial setback. Grandpa would have taken you out behind the woodshed knowing if you were stupid with your money. He also would have enjoyed some of the endless amounts of fishing goodies to sift through. If you ask questions there are opinions out there. You can siphon through them and decide. That's the fun of shopping.
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