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Rod Repair

Postby wetnet on Thu Oct 30, 2008 7:09 pm

Well with the weather being colder in Pa and my son needing to do some catch up in studies at college we sent a bunch of rods to be repaired.

2 Fenwicks, 1 Targus and 2 Sage rods with 3 tips.

The Fenwicks were probably neglected the most. A broken tip fishing for a bigger fish then the rod was meant for and I basically didn't seat the tip on my Fenwick racing my son to the creek and cast my tip down stream. Fenwick was awesome. They replaced both rods with new ones.

The Targus broke bringing a 4-5lb rainbow to the net. Also replaced with a new rod.

Still waiting on Sage. These rods were treated like babies but had trouble with eyelets. One from disassembling with wet hands. Always dry your hands before taking apart your rod. The other bent eyelet we're not sure and one tip the eyelets were slipping on the rod before it even was fished with. Great rod! Not sure whats going on with the eyelets.

So far the only rods not to see the repair shop for what ever reason is the G. Loomis and my Orvis.

The boy fishes hard and his Mom is a clutz so we'd make a great rod tester team.

Anyone else have data to share?
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Re: Rod Repair

Postby Fly Goddess on Fri Oct 31, 2008 2:32 pm

Just understand...BIG FISH don't break rods....people do.
somewhere down the line, something has happened to the rod, or Trying to land fish with the tip of the rod.
I know some can come from factory with some defect, but again, that is a human error.

Sounds like you have a great line-up of gear though, and thank GAWD for warranties :veryfunny:
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Re: Rod Repair

Postby wetnet on Fri Oct 31, 2008 5:20 pm

I agree! The Fenwick tip was broken years ago by my son who was maybe 12 and it was hossing the fish. The Targus just snapped and unfortunately at the net without a ton of pressure. 2 other people we know that have the same rod all received them the same time and all have broken their rods as well in the same exact place. The eyelets are another story. They shouldn't bend so easy on a quality rod. I'd give them the hand slip but replacement tip that we purchased just came up bent with out anything that my son could think of that could have possibly done it. Slipping eyelets in a rod out of the box just plain sets me back. I absolutely love the eyelets on the Helios from Orvis but I don't plan on breaking the bank to buy one. They are amazing!! :good:
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