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Re: Gear for a newbie

Postby wetnet on Thu Mar 26, 2009 8:47 pm

Try this website. ... 009/03/20/

As far as equipment if you're mentioning bait, I'm guessing you spin fish. Either spin or fly fishing tackle if you're going to buy something first figure out what you want to catch and where you are planning to fish. Once you know what you're targeting you can ask a local shop. You can also hire yourself a guide and not buy anything. Most every guide has gear and you can learn allot more from a good guide than buying a bunch of gear without having a ton of experience. You didn't give me much information so I'm really guessing. If you just want to buy a cheap rod and bait fish a lake grab a 6 weight , 9 foot rod some corn, worms and a couple of wooly buggers. Works for most things
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