New Net. Plus and minus

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New Net. Plus and minus

Postby wetnet on Fri Dec 12, 2008 7:16 pm

I have lots of people ask me about gear and such and I guess I should put this in the gear category but I've already typed too much. Because my son was fortunate enough to be a member of the Team Youth USA Fly Fishing Team he as well as I have had the priviledge of trying out and owning some nice fly fishing gear.

Nets: Brodin vs Cabela's

No loses here. I have my sons Brodin with the rubber basket.

My opinion: I like the net. It's a great looking net, shaped OK and the rubber netting saves me hours of time freeing my flies. The basket is deep enough and don't let anyone tease you about the size of your net. Size does matter.

My sons: He gave me the Brodin because it is just too heavy a net for competition. He uses a $20-$25 Cabelas net . Aluminum. It's a teardrop shape with a deep basket, very big for a small trout but when you need to net them quick it does the job. The handle is shorter then he'd like it. He's a tall guy but he plans on using the same net next year and extending the handle. Just goes to show what works for one doesn't for another.
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